Featured Home: Coco’s Historic Midtown Beauty

Featured Home

This month’s featured home is a gorgeous, old-world apartment in Midtown Kansas City owned by local designer/stylist, Coco with Deluxe Modern Design Studio. Coco moved to Midtown, Kansas City from Sonoma County, California a year and a half ago. She came here after her family had to evacuate due to wildfires. While she was researching new cities to live, Kansas City came up as one of the top cities for the arts. No surprise to anyone here! We know KC is one of the best cities for artists to live, create, and be part of a creative community that lifts each other up.

Historic Sombart Apartments in Midtown Kansas City

What she found when she moved here was the KC classic, old-charm, Sombart Apartments on Armour Boulevard. When the apartment building first opened in 1925, it was the first structure of 10 units or more to be built in the area. The original layout boasted 16 separate units, each with 3 bathrooms and its own open porch. Each apartment was also designed to provide private servants quarters. Later the apartments were divided and the porches were covered. In 1982, the building was listed in the Kansas City Register of Historic Places as part of the Armour/Gillham Historic Apartment-Hotel District.

Design Features

This spot has it all: Awesome natural light, chandeliers, high ceilings, crown molding, hardwood floors, old original charm, a pink bathroom. Coco’s husband, a chef by trade, created most of the paintings and artwork on the walls. Her daughters have more than a bit of the creative, playful design gene from their Mom. Each of their rooms was full of light and color and their own individual stamp of design.

About the Owner

Coco runs Deluxe Modern, which is a brand design studio that offers marketing, design and styling services. She has a fun new website to check out: deluxemoderndesign.com  Thanks so much, Coco, for inviting us to your incredible space. (Even more photos below!) And if you want a home with gorgeous old-world charm like this, give us a shout. We’d love to help!

Author: Jennifer Wetzel

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