Featured Home: Jill’s Raised Ranch in Rosedale

Our first featured home is a raised ranch, pre-fab house with a small footprint that maximizes every square foot available with thought and character. Homeowner Jill McKeever is also the creative leading lady behind the all-natural perfume boutique, For Strange Women. Once you’ve seen her products, storefront or studio space, it’s easy to see that both her business branding and her home decorating choices are merely an extension of her unique, personal style.

Her decorating inspirations come from the natural world and its bounties. Most every curated item adds a sensory layer to the moody aesthetic; pine cones, incense, philodendron plants, moss, knives, antique furniture, and macrame.

In 2016, she added a custom-designed, screened-in back porch, creating an extra 225 sq/ft of living space. Many of the structural features of the house are peculiar, such as a fully vaulted ceiling, angled kitchen cabinets, and overly simplistic layout. Jill has transformed this house into a mirrored, lush space of flora and earth tones. Also in 2016, she incorporated landscaping into her basic backyard.  By adding stone paths, Japanese trees, rainwater barrels, vegetable and mineral gardens, chickens and a stone fire pit, the backyard became more inviting and self-sustaining.

Last spring, Jill traveled with her mother, brother and sister-in-law to Japan. While there, she realized that the Japanese aesthetics of minimalism, tidiness, and attention to detail felt so innate and familiar to her. When she returned to Kansas City, she only felt more validated in her atypical individuality.  Most of her belongings are sourced from Craigslist ads, handmade, gathered, or the dark nethers of the internet (including Amazon, haha!). To see/shop Jill’s perfumes and amulets online, visit www.forstrangewomen.com, or visit her in her Crossroads studio in KC, MO.

Owner: Jill McKeever, 10+ years

Address: Rosedale Neighborhood, Kansas City, Kansas

Sq/Ft: 825 sq/ft (screened porch + 225 sq/ft)

Year: 1960

Style: Raised ranch house (pre-fab)

Author: Jennifer Wetzel

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