Featured Home: Katherine’s Colorful Brookside Tudor

Katherine doesn’t play by any rules when choosing decor for her Brookside Tudor home. She likes to experiment and loves color, things with meaning, things with personality, family things.  Her husband J.F. is from Montreal, he is French-Canadian and is a retired professional hockey player. He played for the Kansas City Blades, San Jose Sharks, and also in Germany. Katherine is from Texas and she is a teacher. Her kids each have their own styles to incorporate to the grand picture.

Each object or trinket has its own origin story.  Many of the paintings shown were painted by either Katherine (the one over the buffet) or her Mom (the faux Renoir in the bathroom).  The mustard-colored, microfiber sofa was custom-made, taking kid-durability into consideration. The B&W chairs in the living room with a thick, shiny base were given to Katherine and J.F. by his parents and are from the 1970’s. She likes both found objects as well as choice designers: The Jonathan Adler drug canisters – she purchased at his flagship boutique in Greenwich Village. He is her favorite designer. Thanks Katherine for sharing your irreverent, personal approach to home decorating!

Author: Jennifer Wetzel

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