Featured Home: Grace’s Approachable Retro Cottage in Fairway

This month’s featured home is an adorable ranch cottage located in Fairway, Kansas, and is owned by our very own Storied Home agent, Grace Fancher. She and her husband Mark bought this starter home in 2016, and have found a groove designing on a budget. The two have developed quite a knack for finding interesting decor pieces at places like estate sales, Target, and by local designers. Those stylish pieces stand out because the rest of the space is so tidy (thanks, Marie Kondo!). The selective, gentle color palette and less-is-more approach give the home a cohesive, relaxed feel. The soft, inviting tones start when you walk in the front door, weave through the dining room, into the retro kitchen (with vintage stove) and continue all the way to the pink-tiled bathroom.

Grace began her real estate career around the same time she bought this house. We aren’t sure if her simple approach to decorating influenced her staging style or vice versa, but either way – it works. Grace brings her clean and elegant approach to design, sometimes green thumb, cute rugs and appreciation of minimalism to our simply-staged listings. Take a peek at her charming home, and you’ll see that style is always right around the corner.


  • Table: Pottery Barn, purchased from the previous owner
  • Chairs: Ikea
  • Rug: Target
  • Tree print: Ikea
  • Plant stand: Facebook Marketplace from a local artisan
  • Cactus: Nova Made and Found
  • Small white planters: Convivial Productions

“A few of my favorite things are in my built-in cabinets, a framed embroidery which was a gift, and our fish-shaped pitcher.”


“The previous owner bought the vintage stove on Craigslist; this was one of the things that made me fall in love with the house.”


  • Sofa: Nebraska Furniture Mart – Grace says: “I loved it right when I saw it and decided to go simple with decor and a statement sofa.”
  • Chair: Target
  • Rug: Wayfair
  • Framed watercolor and feather prints: Target
  • Entertaining cabinet: Estate sale
  • Floor lamp: Target
  • Tv stand: West Elm (hand-me-down from family)
  • Snake plant and basket next to fireplace: Hutch

“Fun fact – the label/brand of our vintage entertaining cabinet is our last name, Fancher. I picked it out before I even saw the brand. It was meant to be!”


  • Framed prints: Etsy
  • Bedding: Tuesday Morning
  • Lamps: Target


  • Pullout sofa loveseat: Purchased from a friend
  • Shelves: Target
  • Office chair/desk: Ikea
  • Frames: Crate and Barrel
  • Curtains: Target
  • Rug:  Wayfair

“I knew pretty much the second I walked in that it was the one. Sounds cliché, but it’s true.  We had the best experience with the seller, and we still talk every once in a while. We love the size – it’s just 850 square feet. We love the simplicity; it helps us keeps our lives simpler and clutter free. We love the location and neighborhood, and we even host an annual summer block party in my front yard/driveway.”

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Author: Jennifer Wetzel

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