Get to know: 39th Street, Roanoke and Volker Neighborhoods

39th Street in Kansas City

As a longtime local and a resident who crosses State Line daily, I’ve often thought of West 39th Street as the central-most spot in the KC Metro, specifically the area between State Line road and Southwest Trafficway. It is a bustling business district with an array of culinary options, and it offers locally-owned boutiques, nightlife and a healthy amount of colorful foot traffic.

Shops and Commercial Business on 39th St

My husband and I joke that watching 39th St from a street-side vantage is like watching a place that has no attachment to a particular decade; in other words, timeless. Here, a wide array of businesses fill the area. Retro, resale fashion boutiques such as Donna’s Dress Shop are popular with the locals, tattoo establishments fit a variety of needs, a “Mom ‘n Pop” coffee shop, a pizza joint, bus stops, a bike shop, a hookah lounge, a laundromat, and of course, a bustling Chipotle all give people a reason to come participate by eating, socializing and keeping our economy healthy.

Homes near 39th Street

Did I mention that this is also a great place to live? The gorgeous and historic, Roanoke neighborhood, as well as the more approachable Volker neighborhood both border this amazing commercial street. Houses were mainly built between 1900-1940 and tend toward the native-to-KC architectural style called “Shirtwaist“, American Foursquare, or Bungalow and Craftsman architecture styles (though Roanoke also has some incredible turn-of-the-century mini mansions). Home prices vary depending on house size, upkeep, surrounding properties, and lot size. Sold prices in the past two years range from slightly under $100,000 to $650,000. Condos and apartments are also both available at a range of price points.

Other Perks and Area Amenities

The area offers two fantastic and popular parks with play scapes, a public community and recreation center, easy hiking/walking trails, proximity to KU Med Center/Hospital across State Line in KS, easy highway access, and a selection of secret staircases throughout.

If you want more information about real estate in Midtown, Volker, 39th Street, or Roanoke, get in touch! It is one of our favorite gems of Kansas City, and we love helping our friends and clients buy and sell these unique, historic homes. Love Midtown, but not quite ready to buy yet?? No worries! Just get in touch and we can share new listings and open houses with you; we always suggest starting early so you can get a feel for area homes and prices.

Author: Jennifer Wetzel

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