Craftsman Bungalows in Kansas City


The Craftsman home style refers to the architectural style which was inspired by the Arts and Crafts design movement of the early 20th century. In this style of design, simple lines, honest construction, and natural elements are prized. The style was simple (as opposed to one of its predecessors, the complicated Victorian style), and the craftsmanship was important. Locally, the Craftsman Bungalow is the most common example of this style, which is a single story home or 1.5-story home. Larger, two-story homes in the Craftsman style are also found here in Kansas City.


You can recognize a Craftsman by the overhanging eaves, low and wide orientation, horizontal elements, the use of natural materials such as stone, wood, and stucco, porches, and heavy exaggerated columns and chimneys. Inside, you’ll find ceiling beams, built-in shelving, chunky window trim, and wide paneled doors. The interior trim was typically unpainted wood; however, over the years many homeowners have painted over the trim. Color trends come and go, but the original wood is timeless and we always love finding a home with well-preserved wood.


It can be hard to know the difference between an 1.5 story home and a 2-story home. Many people believe it has something to do with bedroom placement, but the more accurate description is a home without a full-sized second floor. Basically, in a 1.5 story home, the upstairs may have dormers or gable windows, and is built into the framing of the roof. The upstairs spaces are typically at least 70% smaller than the main floor, and may have an angled, shorter ceiling height than the main level. Local bungalows typically have two bedrooms on the main level, and one bedroom located up a fairly steep, narrow flight of stairs. Often, we see the upper level room either turned into an office, or a luxurious master suite.


  • Large front porches so you can see the world and know your neighbors
  • Native limestone exterior details
  • Cozy, prominent fireplaces
  • Interesting architectural details like built-in wooden cabinetry and moldings
  • Natural materials and warm, earthy palette
  • Generally found in established, urban, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods


  • Brookside
  • Waldo
  • Midtown and Hyde Park
  • Plaza
  • Volker
  • Kansas City, KS
photo of bungalow with tile roof
photo of stone craftsman bungalow

And as always, let us know if you need help buying or selling a special, original home such as a Craftsman bungalow. We work all over the metro, but always have a soft spot for classic homes such as these. We can also send you automatic links when new bungalows hit the market; just send us your name, email, and preferred area of interest.

Lastly, if you want to learn more about Craftsman or bungalow style, we love this resource from American Bungalow magazine.

Author: Sarah Snodgrass

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