Kansas City Neighborhood Guide

Our Guide to Kansas City's Classic Neighborhoods

Generally what is referred to as Kansas City, is actually a large metropolitan area that stretches across two states, several counties, and many little towns and enclaves. Each of these little neighborhoods and towns has its own unique personality, and many have a distinct “city center”. Old, new, traditional, kid-friendly, artsy, or bohemian – there is something for everyone. If you are moving to Kansas City and trying to decide where to live, or even if you are just visiting and want to experience some of our local flavor, we hope this neighborhood guide will help you learn all about KC!

Did you know that Kansas City is actually in Missouri? The state line divides the metro in half between Kansas and Missouri, but few realize that the city of Kansas City actually lies on the Missouri side. To an outsider, all the different neighborhoods, school districts, towns, counties, and states that comprise our metro area can get confusing, but we can help!