Crossroads & Westside

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The Crossroads Arts District lies in the urban core, just a quick walk or a short trolley ride from downtown. Original brick industrial buildings which formerly housed early 20th century businesses, hotels and warehouses, have been repurposed into upscale condominiums, apartments, art galleries, bakeries, bars, restaurants, boutiques, and yoga studios. In addition, the area is also home to the iconic Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts as well as a number of creative businesses and tech startups. Now home to over 2,000 residents, the Crossroads is a fully functioning mixed-use neighborhood. You will definitely be part of the action in this sleek, urban arts district.

Just a quick walk to the west a few blocks lies the Westside neighborhood. While Westside and Crossroads are culturally linked, Westside has a more funky, bohemian, residential vibe. The housing here is primarily modest turn of the century two-story brick homes set close together with front porches, along with a sprinkling of new custom modern homes. At the intersection of 17th and Summit, you’ll find a tiny little shopping district with local shops and restaurants. What the Westside lacks in size, it makes up for in personality. People love this quaint neighborhood for its walkability, creativity, and beauty.

Residential Architecture:

Turn of the century homes, converted brick buildings, new modern construction

Median Home Price:

$215,000, Ranging from $100,000 – $1,075,000 (2016-2017)

Average Home Size:

1,312 sqft

School District:

Kansas City Public Schools

Neighborhood Links:

Crossroads Community Association