Midtown, Westport, Hyde Park

Urban • Diverse • Historic • Lively

In general, Midtown lies along Main Street between downtown south to the Westport/Plaza area, and includes popular neighborhoods such as Westport, Hyde Park, Volker, and Roanoke. Located in the urban center of town, Midtown is densely populated, active, lively, and diverse.


Westport is a hip commercial district, attracting a younger set who frequent its popular bars, music venues and restaurants. Homes in these areas are interesting, varied, and historic. They were primarily built between the late 1800’s-1920’s. Most pre-date the building of attached garages, therefore detached garages are common. In this core part of the city you will also find a large number of rental homes, apartments, and multi-family housing, as well as commercial businesses and services.

History of Midtown Kansas City

As residents started to move out of the crowded downtown area after 1880, Midtown neighborhoods were created. The first wave brought mansions to major streets and later a housing shortage spurred the development of Midtown’s unique apartment buildings.


State Line to Troost, 43rd St to 27th St

Residential Architecture:

Midwest Shirtwaist, American Craftsman, Bungalow, Victorian, American Foursquare, Collonade

Median Home Price:

$205,000, Ranging from $45,000 – $1,485,000 (2016-2017)

Average Home Size:


School District:

Kansas City Public Schools

Neighborhood Links:

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