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Waldo is a centrally located enclave of Kansas City, MO, just south of Brookside. It has a bustling commercial district along Wornall Road, with a very popular group of bars and restaurants as well as a walking trail, a brewery, and a small farmer’s market. This is an affordable, approachable, laid-back part of town with a varied selection of modest, post-war homes. Continuing southward, homes and property lot sizes get a little bigger and newer, while still affording that convenient location along the state line.

As the city continued to grow and develop, Kansas City stretched its borders in all directions. Waldo and South Kansas City were primarily developed as suburban neighborhoods in the middle to latter half of the 20th Century.

Residential Architecture:

Tudor, Cape Cod, Ranch, Split Level

Median Home Price:

$159,000, Ranging from $25,000 – $625,000 (2016-2017)

Average Home Size:

1,375 sqft

School District:

Kansas City Public Schools

Center School District

Grandview School District

Neighborhood Links:

Waldo Area Business Association