Waldo Craftsman Bungalow Home Sold for 17% Over List Price

When this cute Waldo Craftsman Bungalow hit the market, we had about 50 showings in two days, and received 15 outstanding offers. Curious about our process and how much it sold for? Keep reading.

Define Goal and Strategy

The first step was to define our sellers’ goal: maximize showings and profit. They were eager to work hard to meet their financial goal, so we instructed them to pack away belongings and neutralize paint in several of the common areas of the home. We brought in a load of staging accessories and styled the photo shoot with our in-house photographer, Jennifer Wetzel Photography.

Negotiate Price and Terms

The home was listed for $215,000, and received 15 strong offers from qualified buyers. The buyers knew they were competing against each other, and most of the offers we received were well above list price. The final sales price was $252,000. That is 17% over list price! We were also able to negotiate a few other positive contract features for the sellers; they were thrilled. 

Finding Success in the Market

Most business and finance experts think this hot real estate market is here to stay for a while, so we must all learn and adapt to this new reality of bidding wars, rising home prices, and low supply/high demand. The Storied Home Group has the knowledge and current market experience to help both buyers and sellers succeed in these unusual market conditions. We’ll help nail down your goals, and create a strategy that works for you. Give us a shout; we’d love to help. 

Photo of Living Room Fireplace
Photo of Front Porch
Living Room Photo
Photograph of Bedroom
Photograph of Dining Room
Breakfast Nook Photo
Photograph of Craftsman Bungalow

Author: Sarah Snodgrass

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